The Boys Season 4 Premieres On Prime Video: Everything You Need To Know

The Boys is back with its highly anticipated fourth season on Prime Video. Premiering on June 13 with its first three episodes, the season will wrap up with five additional episodes on July 18. Season four follows the dramatic events of the season three finale and sets up the story for the show's ultimate conclusion in season five.

Michael Rainey Jr. Reflects on Final Season of 'Power Book II: Ghost' and Tariq's Evolution

Michael Rainey Jr. looks back on his decade-long journey in the Power franchise, starring as Tariq St. Patrick. From being initially clueless about his character's fate to realizing its iconic status, he shares his insights on the spinoff 'Power Book II: Ghost.' As the final season approaches, Rainey discusses fan reactions, character development, and the intense dynamics with new adversaries.

Stevie Wonder Embraces Pan-Africanism: A New Chapter as a Ghanaian Citizen

Stevie Wonder receives Ghanaian citizenship on his birthday, highlighting Ghana's efforts to connect with the African diaspora. This event marks a significant moment in Ghana's history of fostering relations with African-Americans and champions the potential for youth-focused development projects led by diaspora members.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: Analyzing Hollywood's CGI Marvels

Exploring the latest 'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes', this review delves into the franchise's use of advanced CGI. The evolution of computer-generated primates contrasts the diminishing human elements in its narratives, suggesting a futuristic reflection on technology's role in storytelling.

Kendrick Lamar Samples Al Green in Tense Drake Diss Track: A Music Industry Stir

Kendrick Lamar's diss track '6:16 in LA' targets Drake and features a sample from Al Green's song, stirring the music industry. The sample clearance is uncertain as fans await Drake's response amid escalating tensions between the artists.